Mission Brief



Codename: Waterworks
Mission type: assassination
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini gun
Other requirements:  persuadertron; agents must have
grade one chest upgrade or better.

In this level we see the enemy start to display intelligence and greater firepower; speed is of the essence at the start of this level, and a little luck is needed to finish it.

Move as quickly as possible to the south west corner of the mission area - your informant is waiting for you, unaware that the enemy syndicate has sent out its own assassins to kill him before you get the information you need. You'll probably meet a couple of agents on the crossroads along the way; take them out, but don't wait around for any of their friends.

Tactical diagram
When you get to the building, split your team in two; as in the diagram above, the agent with the persuadertron should be sent into the building to have a little chat to your informant, while outside you should station a guard to meet the enemy assassin. You could wait for a second agent to come down, or just take your squad up to meet him.

Surveillance ShotTake the road running along the west side of the mission area to the building in the north-west corner of the mission area; you'll meet light resistance along the way. However, getting into the building to carry out the final part of your mission will require luck, skill and judgement. There are two guards in here, but the one you really have to watch for is the one carrying a flamethrower. This reduces the health of an agent with a grade one chest upgrade to zero, and your agent will be lucky to run out of the door. If this happens, get out of harms way, quickly drop all drug levels, and put your weapon away; hopefully you'll see the agent's health rise back to normal.

FlamerThe best way of dealing with this is to try the standard two-man standing at the door trick to try and take out the shotgun guard; then move your mouse pointer around until you locate the flamethrower guard, click on him so that your agent runs towards him and go in firing. Hopefully you'll get him before he fires, or at least before he gets off a second shot. Either way you should be able to survive so long as you have the chest upgrade. Take out your target.

Pick up the flamethrower before you leave so that you can give it to the R & D boys; it's not much good as a weapon as it's quite short-range and not very controllable, but you might as well take it back and save yourself some development time (and money). Remember not to leave behind your informant in your rush to get back, the game doesn't end until he reaches the evacuation zone too.

Weapons testOn your way back, the building closest to the steps leading to the path you started on will have some enemy agents in; you could avoid them, or get your agents to stand in the doorway and take them out. In such close quarters, maybe it's a good time to test out that flamethrower?


Make sure your informant doesn't pick up the flamethrower as any weapons picked up by persuaded followers won't be submitted to your R & D boys.

By taking Kamchatka you gain access to Alaska, the quickest way of getting into America.