Mission Brief



Codename: Assault the Fortress
Mission type: assault
Agents needed: two or three
Suggested weapons:  mini guns

Long range shotYou could actually do this level with one pumped individual if cash is a little short, but this way you can do things in style and comfort.

Leaving one agent at the landing stage (the reason why will become clear later), put the other agent(s) in the van and drive towards the fortress gates; don't go in just yet, take out the two guards on the north half of the east wall first so that they don't worry you with their miniguns when you get inside.


When you do get inside you'll be rushed by a group of guards coming out of the building to the west, and also there'll be a guard with a minigun on the north parapet - move to the north wall so he can't get you and take on the other guys, who only have Uzis and long-range rifles. When they're dead, stand back from the wall and take out the guard on the wall.


Surveillance ShotWhile you're dealing with this, no doubt your target will be making his way to his car and trying to escape. You may be a little bit too busy to notice him in time to stop him, or shoot him as he drives out through the front gates; if he reaches the end of the road the mission will fail. However, now is the time to activate your agent you left at the start of the mission to blow the car up and so burn the target in the blast. A laser sniper just outside the gate would do just as well if you've got lasers.


Rocket shotYour next objective should be to blow up the two APCs and steal the ambulance, but put that to one side for the moment; take an agent up the ramp along the west wall and take out the guards to the north, then the one in the south-west corner, and then make your way along the southern walkway eastwards.

The guard stationed in the south-east corner is the one you're aiming for, he'll be carrying a gauss gun. Take this, and go back to the vehicles. By firing the gauss gun at the APC on the western end twice you should take out the middle APCs as well, although you may have to finish the second one off with half a minigun's worth of ammunition; jump into the ambulance and back to where you started off. If you're worried about hitting the ambulance while destroying the APCs, you can move it a little way off, or get one agent to take it away and the others can leave by the exit built into the south wall.


If you have raced across Europe and Northern Russia to get across to America then you might not have had time to develop any fancy weapons - if that's so then this level should help you out considerably, as there's flamethrowers, long-range rifles and the gauss gun to be grabbed and taken back to the R & D boys.

In a neat tie-in, the first mission of the American Revolt series starts back here in Alaska, with you defending this fort instead of attacking it.