Mission Brief



Codename: 1st Recon Squad
Mission type: Reconnaissance
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini guns

Again the enemy have greater firepower on display; fortunately they don't appear to know how to use it. This is essentially a combat sweep with three pockets of enemy activity.

Quickly go up the ramp to the top of the building next to you, go into panic mode and take up positions at the handrail so that your agents have a clear firing line along the road to the north. Enemy agents will begin to stream down this road, and your guys should be able to pick them off quite easily. Something to remember is that a vehicle exploding can kill with the force of a bomb going off...
Surveillance Shot

Gauss gunGive the drugs a rest for a while, and then head east; you'll find a building swarming with enemy agents on the roof, as well as some on the ground. Stand back from the building and take on all comers. One of the agents on the roof has a rocket launcher, but fortunately if he fires it the rocket will hit the guard rail around the building and kill him, destorying the evidence. At this point there's no way of capturing a rocket launcher (aka gauss gun).
Surveillance Shot

The last pocket of resistance is in a fortress in the north-east corner of the mission area; once you've rested your agents get them to stand at the front door and take on all comers. Once as many bad guys as possible have been dealt with, walk into the camp and you'll find two hidden agents to the north and south of the camp; the northern one will again blow himself up with a rocket launcher, the southern one will be hiding under a shelter, but will come out to meet you when you enter the gates. When all the bad guys are dead, the mission is over.
Surveillance Shot


Taking the Far East allows you access to California.