Mission Brief



Codename: Chem Corp Plant
Mission type: personnel acquisition
Agents needed: two to four
Suggested weapons:  lasers; miniguns
Other requirements:  persuadertron; any heavy weapons you have

This one's just plain nasty - now the police force have heavy weapons too! Try and make sure you've upgraded the chests of your agents as much as possible - only a v2 or v3 chest can take a laser hit without killing the agent; shields or first aid kits if developed might come in handy.


Surveillance shotDon't go into panic mode straight away, so that the police don't start firing at you. You might want to walk very slowly to the east until you come to a square surrounded on the north, west and south sides by buildings and the east side by a road. Here you probably find three or four police wandering around; one of them should have a laser, and at least one a long-range rifle. If you'd have gone in there in panic mode they'd have arived later amd taken at least one of your agents out. Once you're in the middle of the square you might want to go into panic mode and take out the police, partly to stop them interfering later and partly because you might capture some more weapons. Drop back out as soon as possible though for safety and to conserve resources.


The building on the south side of the square gives excellent cover; stand near the corner on the east side of the building, making sure your agents aren't in panic mode because there's more police all over this level and at least one of them has another laser. Wait a while, and agents will come at you mainly from the south.

When you have dispatched these agents, wait (and calm your agents down); there'll be enemy agents still coming in from the further reaches of the town, and they'll appear in the north-east and then again in the east.

Surveillance shot

Take a car, and head to the south-east corner of the town; there's a base there guarded by police. Hang back and pick off some guards from outside, or just inside the compound, preferably with long-range weapons like lasers and long range rifles (which you can take from the police if you don't have them). Wait for the target to make a run for the building in the north of the compound; both buidlings are guarded by police armed with lasers, but the guard on the south building has better cover and so is harder to take out.
Surveillance shot

Jump back in you car, making sure all weapons are stowed and your agents are calmed, and head west; just past your battlefield, the building at the south of that square, is a set of gates which you must go through to complete the mission.



When fighting the main force of the agents, there are plenty of cars around so you might want to fire at one to get it to stop - it provides cover, and you can blow it up when agents come near it so it explodes like a bomb. Don't do it too often as a car is needed later!