Mission Brief



Codename: Mercenary Camp
Mission type: assasination
Agents needed: one
Suggested weapons:  pistol

This is a simple mission to ease you into the game, and so you only really need one agent with minimal firepower - save your money and just go with the pistol you're given.


Move north to the entrance to the compound; go into panic mode and take out the guard to your west, and pick up his two pistols. Next head south and take out that guard, he will be carrying a shotgun. Another guard will be in or around the building on the north side of the compound, take him and his shotgun.


ScreenshotTo the north-west of the mission area is another building; this is where the target is hiding. As you enter this building your target will try to run away, which will bring him out into the open for an easy shot. Assasinations should serve as a warning to others, so a messy shotgun blast is more apt in this situation.



After killing the target, jump into the nearby car and drive to the south-west corner of the mission area; you will find a guard loitering at the entrance to the city. He's carrying an Uzi.


This weapon will be given to the R&D boys on your return, which means that you can research Uzis specifically (instead of just "Automatic" weapons), and 25% of the research will already have been done.