Mission Brief



Codename: Clean Sweep
Mission type: combat sweep
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  two uzis each; shotgun backup

This mission is simple in concept, although it will take more firepower than you might have used before.


Starting on the roof of a bulding to the west of the city, you simply walk down the ramp, head east until you reach the end of some grassy areas, and just wait for the bad guys to come to you.


Surveillance Shot 
You'll probably want to hold off using your IPA for as long as possible, so knock you agent's chemical levels down until the enemy are in range and then go into panic mode. Let rip with your Uzis - there are 8 enemy agents, so it will probably take the best part of both Uzis to get rid of them all, and you might want to take your old shotguns as backup. When you're done, simply return back to the roof to complete the mission.


You don't actually need to go back on the roof - the map is two dimensional, so if you walk into the area marked with a red circle on the scanner the game doesn't know if you're on the roof or just hiding underneath the ramp.