Mission Brief



Codename: Every Formation a Parade
Mission type: assassination
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  two mini guns each

There are essentially four parts to this mission - getting into the camp, making sure you're not disturbed, carrying out the assassination, and finally escaping.


Go due east, passing through a built-up area, through an open space with a road, and to some more buildings; you will find one agent at the north end of bottom building, and two at the south end.

Surveillance ShotThen head to the extreme south-eastern corner of the mission zone, and follow the road up to where you'll find an APC. As you approach you'll see an enemy agent on the APC planting a bomb. Don't worry about this; if you stay clear and don't try to shoot at the agent until he clears the vehicle then the APC can handle the explosion. If you try and shoot the agent before he gets clear then you might damage the APC and it won't take the explosion.
Once the bomb has exploded and the agent is dead take the APC and follow the road until you get to the base to the north.


Once in the enemy compound get out of the vehicle and start to take out the soldiers in the buildings around the central area; a systematic sweep is best to take out all possible targets so that they can't come in as reinforcements after you've achieved your primary goal. Most soldiers are armed with Uzis, there are a few flamethrowers, and thankfully few mini guns; using two agents means that while one is opening the door and getting shot at, the other is taking out the shooter.


Surveillance ShotThe final objective is up the central ramp, which is guarded by two police. Once you have taken these out move onwards very quickly to where you will see a parade taking place; your objective is the civilian in black. You must take him out before doing anything else; destroy the car waiting there if you have to. My usual preference for a messy hit takes second place as you will have to be quick to get this guy. Then take care of the soldiers on parade, they aren't very pleased at you killing their boss. If you didn't take out the garrison before, they will now reinforce the parade ground.


Finally, you must take a vehicle and escape through the gates just north of the parade ground; if you have destroyed the target's vehicle then you may be able to capture another car driven by a blonde who just happens to be passing. Failing this an APC full of soldiers will appear after a short while, and you may be able to capture this; it's best if you can just blow it up along with all of its occupants however.


The fact that the APC doesn't blow up along with the bomb, and the blonde who just happens to come along in a second car at the end, must surely make this an obvious candidate for a mission that was made easier after playtesters complained the game as it was originally devised was too hard.