Mission Brief



Codename: Spring Cleaning
Mission type: combat sweep
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  three uzis each; mini guns if possible.

This level is possibly the first one you will really find taxing, unless you have completed research on mini guns and can afford to buy one or two per agent. If you can afford to have more than two fully-armed (and hopefully upgraded) agents then that would be good too.

Drop down your agents' IPA levels, as you'll need as much in reserve as possible. Follow the road you're on due south until you come to the bottom edge of the map; you'll recognise it, it's the part right next to an enemy stronghold with at least eight enemy agents. With two agents standing there fully psyched you'll completely use up one Uzi and start on the second, and you're only partway into the mission; try to make sure all your agents are firing equally, otherwise you will find one agent can use up three Uzis at once. Once they're all dead you can pick up their Uzis, but as they're enemy agents the weapons will only be partly loaded, so make sure you're as well stocked up as possible for the next part.

EvidenceHead west until you reach a platform, and wait for the train. When it's reached a standstill get into the train as you would a car, make sure you're relaxing your agents' IPA levels, and let it carry you to the other platform and so to the second half of the mission. Quickly get off when it's at a standstill as a moving train can cause quite a bit of damage even to a cyborg. You'll be met from the train by an enemy agent, eliminate him and head west - you'll encounter enemy resitance until you reach the far western egde of the mission zone, at which point you head south and continue fighting.

Surveillance ShotAs you reach the end of the road you'll see a building with a fenced courtyard; this is where the mission ends. However, there are two more enemy agents to take care of to the northeast and east of the building first. Once these have been dispatched, go to the door of the building, which is at the southern end; there are three guards armed with shotguns inside, so use both agents to take the building - one to open the door and draw their fire, the other to stand back and shoot anyone inside.


Ammo will be tight if you're using Uzis, so pick up as much as you can - don't forget that the police have fully-loaded shotguns for the taking.

True to earlier levels, there's a cop driving round with a fully loaded mini gun. This one gun could just about take care of all the enemy agents on this level.

There's an oddity in the game that can make the second half of the mission much easier - it exists in all versions, so it's not a bug as such, but if you don't take all of your team into certain combat zones the enemy seem unaware of your presence. So, instead of putting both/all of your agents on the train, put one well-armed agent on and take him to the second part alone, shooting with impunity. Once all the enemy agents have been eliminated, bring in the rest of your team to deal with the guards in the building at the end.