Mission Brief



Codename: The Milk Run
Mission type: Personnel Acquisition
Agents needed: one
Suggested weapons:  pistol; shotgun
Other essentials:  persuadertron

Hardware ShotThis will be your second mission, and as such is fairly easy; all you have to do is kill three guards and walk close up to two people, then go home. Before you even start the mission though you'll have to buy a pursuadertron.

Head due west, and at the far end of the city you'll see a building with three police guards outside - you can't miss the building as there'll be a big circle emminating from it on the scanner, and you get closer you'll here the "bings" get closer together. Just go into panic mode and walk towards the guards, and your agent will take them out.

Switch on your pursuadertron and walk into the building. On the scanner map, click with the left button where the source of the scanner circle is - that's the first person you have to pursuade, it'll happen as soon as you get close enough.

Head due north, and you'll find the second person you have to pursuade - no guards this time, just walk into the building and capture the second person. Now walk slowly to the east, pausing every so often to left your victims catch up, until you reach the east side, and from there go back to the exact spot you started on and wait for you victims to get there too for the level to end.


If you've upgraded to a new brain this will be easier, as you can pursuade from further away.

If you've already picked up the Uzi in the previous level then picking up the one in this level (dropped by the guard on the left) you'll be able to keep it; it should be fully loaded. However, if you run out of ammunition for it, you won't be able to reload it until you've developed your own.