Mission Brief



Codename: The Alleyway
Mission type: Equipment Aquisition
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini guns; gauss gun, laser and/or long range.

This mission forces you down a constricting corridor with buildings crammed with hostile police along either side, towards a military complex at the end. It's possible to complete this level with just mini guns, but it helps if you have something with a longer range. If you have shields by the time you reach this mission then they might come in handy, because you might come under fire the instant you begin the level!


Use both agents armed with mini guns to clear out the police from the buildings; take your time with this, get one agent to open the doors while the other kills whoever is inside. If you move slowly you minimize the number of police that will come to you while you're otherwise occupied.

Surveillance Shot

Partway down the alley is a bridge with two snipers, one of which has a long range rifle. You could pick away at them with a long range rifle yourself, one of which can be found earlier in the level, but personally I don't like to mess around and prefer to hit the bridge with a rocket (that's if you have a gauss gun at this point).


Surveillance ShotAs you near the military complex you'll see some soldiers join the police in attacking you; you need to be very careful at this point. If you chase after the soldiers you'll get very close to the military complex, and you might not notice two grey dots on your scanner which mean hidden police snipers guarding the entrance to the complex. Both of these will hit you with gauss guns if you're not careful. Taking these guys out should be your next objective, the easy way is using gauss guns of your own if you have them.


Surveillance ShotOnce you have cleared the outside of the complex, use one of you agents to walk up the beige ramp and pavement at the side of the main entrance to the complex; it is very easy for your agents to get lost in there and never find a way out. Scroll north and you will see on the roof a group of police apparently guarding something; click there to send your (suitably intelligence- enhanced) agent towards them. Hopefully your agent will find its way there, take out the guards (although watch your agent's health - they pack a mean punch), and then you can go into the small building at the top end of the complex to pick up the rocket launcher (gauss gun). Get your agent back to the entrance to the complex the same way you got in, and evactuate back to where you first started.


If you have shields it's possible to just run the alley with shields up, take the complex, wait for the shields to recharge and then run back.