Mission Brief



Codename: Scum Patrol
Mission type: combat sweep
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini gun

This one is pretty well impossible without mini guns; the bad guys are armed with them, and they just keep coming...

Surveillance ShotGet onto the roof of the building you start next to, and place both agents in the top corner of the higher half so that they have a commanding view of the street. As enemy agents start to sho on your scanner, put them into panic mode and watch those bad guys fly! However, there are a lot of enemy agents which come in waves, so rest your guys whenever possible so that their drug levels don't max out, and don't move until you're absolutely sure that there aren't any more bad guys (there are some quite long periods between the waves of enemy agents sometimes).

Once you're sure there are no more bad guys coming at you, get off the roof and head north and west-ish - it'll probably be easier to steal a car. Surveillance ShotsOn the road that runs parallel to the northern end of the mission area is a group of buildings behind which four more agents are hiding - you'll know the group of buildings by the dead agent left at the east side of the buildings, and when I played Surveillance Shotthe game to take the screenshots there was a pile of police bodies in front of the buildings where they'd tried to take on the agents. A frontal assault will probably leave you as dead as the police, so sneak round the east side, past the dead agent, and go into panic mode to take out the bad guys at long range without ever seeing them.


Get used to the layout of this level. You'll be doing another mission "here" soon - Red's Run, an escort mission in Kenya, uses the same level design. However, the tactics for that mission are very different...