Mission Brief



Codename: Business Initiative
Mission type: assassination
Agents needed: two to four
Suggested weapons:  mini guns and lasers

There are three major enemy forces converging on your position, so the first thing you need to do is take care of them before even considering the assassination itself.

You start off near a small subterranean opening, where the third group will appear later. However, instead of waiting around to get slaughtered, head south (with full adrenalin, but not panic mode as you start right next to a cop) to a road crossing. As you approach you may see a number of cars; if you like, shoot at these just enough to get them to stop so you can use them as barricades, but keep your distance a little so your agents don't get damaged if the cars are destroyed.

Surveillance footage The first group of agents will come from the west; you should be able to take these out at long range using mini-guns, but if they get too close pull back a little and destroy one of the cars if you stopped one coming from that direction. You might also consider lasers, but if you only have one per agent you might want to save them until later.

The second group will come from the south; these are easier to handle. Take out the leaders and they'll drop time bombs; shoot at these time bombs to take out the agents, and pick off any stragglers quickly. Again, using a car as a barricade and destroying it as the enemy come near will make this even easier.


Surveillance footageYou can now move back to the pit where you started. The last enemy group will usually appear from the opening to the north, although depending on timing they might take the other door in the west wall. The best way to deal with them is not to get into direct line of sight so they can fire while you can't see them; stand to one side, either on the western-most path or preferably on the road above. Close quarters fighting means you can't pick agents off a few at a time from a distance, they'll come out fighting straight away, so use lasers for a quick kill. If you try to duke it out using mini-guns you're risking losing some of your agents.

AssassinationFrom then on it's fairly simple; the target is in the South West corner, behind the railway station. Follow the railway down, or if you haven't destroyed them all steal a car to save time. Get onto the railway platform and then walk south slightly until you see some steps; there's four police guards waiting for you plus one on a platform above, but they're only armed with shotguns and shouldn't pose much of a threat. Head west through the buildings and you'll see a small bridge across a gap. Your target should be waiting across this, although he may make a run for it along the south side of the building. Kill him, and get back to the evac point - it's back up just to the east and a little south of your original position, so again a car might be a faster means of transportation.