Mission Brief



Codename: Grand Opening
Mission type: assassination
Agents needed: two to four
Suggested weapons:  mini guns; long range and/or lasers

Not too many enemy forces in this one, and an easy main mission - but the twist is that the enemy are all packing long range rifles.

Heading west there are two main enemy squads; the first will appear from under a building to the north and engage your squad at long range. A second squad surrounds the target; if you engage the first squad for any length of time the second will come down and join the fight.

Long range

There are two choices; equip your agents with long range rifles and hope for a better firing rate - which is fairly easy if you take direct control - or use shorter range but higher power weapons, hiding behind bits of building or scenery and only coming out to fire when the enemy comes into range. Lasers give you a little of both - you'll still need to hide to keep out of range of the rifles, but you at last have a little more range than standard mini-guns and a quicker kill. The long-range method is safer but takes longer; the hiding method is a bit more risky but is over sooner.

The KillOnce you take care of the immediate long-range threat you can move slightly northwards towards the target. If you took the quick route earlier however the second enemy squad will still be in position around the target; you'll need to take cover at the front of the building and take the enemy as it comes into range. However, during this period your target will attempt to escape, so don't forget to take care of him as well! If you took the long winded sniper battle route earlier you can take a bit of time and give your target all of your attention.

Now you can make your way to the evac point on the western side of the town - but wait! Ambush! The area you're supposed to evac from is guarded by another large enemy squad. The best way to deal with these is a counter-ambush.
End game
You can either go around the south side of the long building in front of the target area, or hide behind the cornerstone at the road junction to the north; send out one of your squad to attack the enemy - preferably using some kind of long-range weapon such as a laser - and then fall back. As the enemy rounds the side of the building or cornerstone your squad can then hit them with powerfull short-range weapons such as your trusty mini-guns.