Mission Brief



Codename: Random
Mission type: assault
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini-guns and something long range (laser?)

This is a real quick mission; you can be in and out before your R&D boys have had time to put the kettle on. You could even do this with one well equipped agent, although I always take at least two just in case.

First of all you'll be met by a small force of enemy agents converging from all sides. You can just site back and wait for them to come to you, although I suggest moving south-west so that your force has a better line of sight down the street running north-south just slightly to the left of your starting position. The enemy are carrying time bombs, so make sure you're not up against the fence at the back - one of the agents will come from round there, and you don't want to be too close to him when he explodes. As usual take the opportunity to detonate enemy bombs with gunfire when another enemy comes in range.


TargetYou can now go after your target, who is in a complex on the north-eastern edge of the city. This also should be a quick kill as he's chosen the unique defensive position of standing in the open on a walkway. You can send in one agent with a long range weapon (laser or gauss gun for speed, or if you're really desperate plug away with a long range rifle) and return without stepping foot in the enemy stronghold.

CarYou now need to evac back out of the gates to the north; you'll need a vehicle to do this. There's a standard black car sitting between two buildings to the south west, but for a real quick mission steal the police car that's buzzing around town and get out without ever having moved more than a few steps south of your starting position.