Mission Brief



Codename: Raiders
Mission type: assassination
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  Uzis

This mission is where the game starts to get more complex; instead of just having to kill a scientist, you first have to contend with hostile police, enemy agents and get into a military base!


Long Shot
Head south, where you'll see a guard tower staffed by a police marksman with a long range rifle. Go into panic mode and take him out (unfortunately you can't grab the rifle), then walk a little further south until you're hiding behind a small building at the end of a row of buildings.


Streaming down both sides of this row of buildings will come four enemy agents, all carrying Uzis. Hopefully you have developed Uzis by now or have saved the ones picked up from previous missions and can respon in kind, otherwise use shotguns and pick up the Uzis dropped by the enemy - note that agent's guns are only partly loaded, as before. The police on this level carry shotguns (but you might want to read the notes at this point).


Surveillance Shot
Head west, preferably resting the IPA levels of your agents which will be maxing out. At the far west will be a small military base, and in or around this base you'll find the scientist - he might be wandering about outside, or in the northern-most building. The northern bulding holds two guards, a third is roaming free around the complex, and a fourth is hiding in the southern building.


Mini GunOnce you've killed the enemy agents, you might notice a police car driving by; this level's special weapon in the police car is a mini gun, a very bug machinegun generally seen strapped to the side of helicopter gunships rather than for carrying, and so by picking it up you'll see that the weight slows your agent down unless you've invested in body upgrades; however, you will come to rely on these weapons as they have excellent damage, range, ammunition ratios. Also, as you're taking it from a policeman it will be full, and you'll only have to hand it over to the R&D boys at the end of the mission, so you might as well use it!


By the end of the mission you should have enough money to upgrade two agents with at least type one arms, legs, chests and hearts, without leaving yourself strapped for cash; you don't need to reload many weapons because although the mission might finish with the killing of the scientist, there are four soldiers in the base carrying full-loaded Uzis... Don't throw away empty weapons at this stage, transfer them to your unused agents in the Agent Boxes screen and keep the loaded ones for your active agents.