Mission Brief



Codename: Purge
Mission type: combat sweep
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  mini guns

This one shouldn't cause you too many problems; there are a lot of enemy agents around, but they're carrying Uzis and you're toting miniguns - aren't you?

Surveillance Shot

Move south slightly - walking to the next crossroads is enough, just so you have a bit of cover from the street you start on. Go to panic mode and wait - the enemy agents will find you, and come from all sides.

Surveillance ShotOnce you've got rid of these, you have to move south a little bit more - to the next junction. On the roof of the building next to you you'll find two agents wandering around - wait for them to come close and then take them out.

Rest your agents for a while, and then head west along the grassy area until you find a road going south - there'll be some agents waiting for you. Take these out, then head south along the road, wiping out any opposition.