Mission Brief



Codename: Urban Assault
Mission type: combat sweep
Agents needed: two
Suggested weapons:  shotgun

The third mission in the game, and the first time you're pitted against agents of enemy syndicates. As money will no doubt be tight at this point, don't be scared by facing a new enemy, see it more as a way of getting weapons on the cheap...


Jump into the car and drive through the gates. Get out of the car at the first junction; you'll probably see a policeman there, who carries two pistols just in case you need the backup. You could just drive to the next part of the game, but if you drive you run the risk of getting shot at and the car exploding, which can kill your agents and/or mean you can't get back out of the gates at the end of the game.


Surveillance ShotHead east, and at the corner of the game area you'll see a set of pipes and some metal storage vats; an enemy agent will run around these, but you can't shoot over the pipes; wait until either you or he gets round the pipes and let rip. As with all the enemy agents he'll be carrying a shotgun. Notice when you pick it up that it will be only partly loaded; police and guard weapons will usually be fully loaded, enemy agents weapons are not, and this will carry on throughout the game. At this stage still pick up everything, it's cheaper to reload a weapon than to buy a whole new one. You could do this level with one agent, but I suggest some backup to help with carrying!


If you went into panic mode for the last part, your agents may already be approaching their tolerances so drag their IPA down to minimum to start bringing down the addiction levels. Walk south, and in the middle of a building which has openings on all four sides you'll find the second agent. Go to panic mode and finish him off. Walk west and then a little south along the line of another, more apartment-like building and you'll find the third agent, and further south the fourth and final agent is hiding. At the south end of the building is another car which you can jump into and drive back to the area you started in to finish the game.
Surveillance Shot


Police CarThere is a police car patrolling this level; as well as being a much more stylish means of transport to end the level in, the driver is carrying this level's hidden Uzi. With the one on the first level submitted to R&D and the one on the second level free for use, you should now have an Uzi apiece for your two main agents and be well on the way to devloping your own.


The pre-release demo of the Acorn version of Syndicate was based on this level, except it had weapons from later missions.