Mission Brief



Codename: Information Studies
Mission type: personnel acquisition
Agents needed: one
Suggested weapons:  none; <persuadertron> only

Probably the easiest and most lucrative level in the game, so long as you handle it correctly. I only send one agent in, and no weapons are needed - you can <persuade> an entire town to do your bidding!
You start out in the south-west corner. You might want to increase all of your abilities, but make sure you end up with the persuadertron in your hands, not a weapon - this level can be done without firing a shot! Walk along the walkway to the east, go round the building to the north, and follow the path round until you get to an area full of people. Simply walk around for a bit, persuadertron on, and <persuade> as many people as possible. After getting the civilians, make sure you get a number of policemen too; the numbers vary according to skill levels, but you need a number of civilians before you can get the police, and a smaller number of police before you can grab enemy agents. Don't walk too far from this built-up area, as you don't want to come up against the enemy agents until you're ready.
Target rich environment

Triple shot

Once you've amassed a small army of townsfolk, you can approach the centre of town where the journalists you need to <persuade> are - you'll need use the scanner quite heavily from now on, so just leave the persuadertron switched on all the time. If you see any enemy agents moving towards your position, try to put one side of a building between you and them - they can't fire until they have line-of-sight, and as they round the corner they'll be <persuaded> before they get a shot off! They are only carrying shotguns anyway, so even if they get a few rounds off they won't do too much damage if you've upgraded your agent's chests.
Agent capture
And that's pretty much it. <persuade> the two reporters and head back to the starting point. Chances are you'll have captured a few enemy agents to fill up the cryotubes back at the lab just in case you take casualties later in the game, and saved yourself a small fortune on ammunition in the process!
Conga, conga, conga...

Conga, conga, conga...